Deputy Reps Speaker Says Southeast Lost N4 Trillion To Sit-At-Home In 2 Years

Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Benjamin Kalu, says the South-East region has suffered a loss of approximately N4 trillion due to the sit-at-home problem over the past two years.

Speaking at the “All Markets Conference 2023” in Lagos, Kalu highlighted how this situation has driven away potential investors from the South-East.

He identified the current insecurity and stay-at-home problem as existential threats to Igbo entrepreneurship and businesses. Kalu warned that these issues have become deeply ingrained, causing significant damage to the collective prosperity of the Igbo people.

The Deputy Speaker underscored the importance of finding lasting solutions to the security issues in Igboland, emphasising that this not only affects businesses within the Southeast but also disrupts the supply chain, impacting Igbo businesses across Nigeria.

Kalu urged Igbos to confront these challenges collectively, using innovative strategies to preserve their entrepreneurial endeavors.