Fisherman In Abia Community Accused Of Using Harmful Chemicals For Fishing

A survey has revealed that fishermen in Nkopro Community, Ohafia Local Government Area of Abia State, still use chemicals and treated -mosquito nets to harvest fish, thus, introducing harmful chemicals to both the fish and water which is the only source of drinking water in the community.

The survey which was conducted by a non-governmental organization, Innovation Hub for Inclusiveness, Empowerment, and Social Development (SieDi-Hub), revealed that consumers of both the fish and water contaminated by the chemicals stand the risk of cancer and dangerous water-borne diseases.

According to the report, the overall state health budget has been at the average of 7%, which is below the 15% agreed threshold of the Abuja Declaration.

It further noted that Abia has 1,282 health facilities in 292 wards of the state, but regretted that “most facilities lack basic drugs, equipment, and skilled health personnel.”