Aba Residents Gear Up To Vote Their Preferred Candidates

Voters in Nigeria and especially Aba will head to various polling centers across the country this Saturday to elect their next president and national assembly representatives amidst mounting pressures from economic and social issues bedeviling the nation.

Despite the myriad of challenges and their resultant effects on the psyche of the people, the people of Aba are very much ready for the elections.  Enyimba FM news crew of comprising Chris Nwaokolo and Esther Chima went about the city to ascertain the preparedness of the people are for the election.

Although, some expressed reservations over the lingering cash scarcity and other shortfalls in basic amenities, they are determined to come out massively to vote their preferred candidates in the Presidential and National Assembly elections on Saturday.

it’s less than 24 hours to the election and everyone is expected to go to designated polling units with their PVCs to vote for their preferred candidates on Saturday. The people are optimistic that the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) would deliver free, fair and credible election that would ultimately usher in the new Nigeria of everyone’s dream.

The election is expected to hold simultaneously throughout the federation and INEC has assured every Nigerian that their votes would definitely count.